Love of coffee

Specialists were able to determine the gene on which the drink depends. Scientists associated the use of coffee with the gene PDSS2. According to experts, its carriers use the drink much less often. The full text of the study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. During the study, scientists collected data on 340 residents of a small village in southern Italy, and 843 people living in six villages in the north-east of the country.
All participants were interviewed about how many cups of coffee a day they consume. Thus, it was found that carriers of the PDSS2 gene drink less frequently than those who do not. On average, the difference was in one cup. Scientists have denied the harm of coffee for pregnant women. After studying the gene, the researchers determined that it reduces the ability of cells to break down caffeine, and causes the substance to stay in the body longer. Therefore, the gene carriers do not need to consume coffee as often as those who do not.

Additional evidence of their theory, scientists received after a survey of 1,731 residents of the Netherlands. The results obtained were similar.

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